Over the past several months I have run into several situations where people want to buy, a home, but either are scared of the financing process or grow tired of working with more than one lender to get there. I want to tell you to be strong. Yes there are times when buying will NOT happen. Below are the steps:

1.) Call me - let's talk about what you need/want/can afford. Let's talk about your income/debt. Let's set a plan into motion.

2.) Get a lender on Board - We most likely need a lender to buy a house. Unlike Dave Ramsey, we all don't or will ever have the cash to buy out right. Let's get a group of lenders involved to find the best plan. If you need credit repair then let's get advice on the steps to do that.

3.) Nothing is personal - All advice that I will give you is NOT personal. Yes we will have a personal relationship but I will only help you!'s

4.) Move fast - If we have a window to get this done then lest's get through the window. Act fast and deliberately. As a stunt car driver once told me when driving on ice and you begin to slide "DON'T LOOK AT THE THING YOU DON"T WANT TO HIT!" Conversely, "DO LOOK AT THE THING YOU WANT TO HIT!" It means if you want a house then stare that down till you have it! It's about an attitude.

5.) Be flexible - Ever house we will look at will be good. Some will be great and 1 or 2 will be perfect! But sometimes they will get sold before we can write a contract. Be patient and realize there are several houses out there that will work great. Remember, it's a house until you make it a home!

6.) Don't let anyone stand in your way - Parents, siblings, children, friends and others will have influence on you in this process. However, some will want what's best for them not you.

7.) Laugh - Pretty much self explanatory.

We will make this happen! Believe and be brave!

Beth Lundy